Allowing for Serendipity

Part of the career exploration process is absolutely intentional.  We spend time purposefully analyzing our skills, passions, needs, and desires.   We talk to our network — friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family.   But, that same network that can open doors to opportunity is a double-edged sword.  It can limit our exploration of career possibilities to those that have been traveled by, or at least known to, those people in our circle.   It can also as an invisible fence as a set of blinders, that stops us from exploring something new.

Inspiration about our career path can arise when we least expect it and from surprising sources.  That is why I strongly believe that part of  career exploration should involve just living life – especially life outside your normal routine, and ideally out of your comfort zone.  Read books, especially fiction.  Travel.  Go to a symphony or a poetry slam. Watch movies.  The more exposure you allow yourself outside your personal bubble, the more you are giving serendipity a chance to work its magic.  This isn’t about “networking.”  Its about expanding your mind to allow possibility to grow.  To allow new passions to develop.  To allow you to fine tune your goals.  Perhaps to develop an entirely new definition of success.

For me, it was a chance trip to Myanmar that changed everything.  What could it be for you?

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