SJD/JSD Programs

As former law school faculty and administrators, know what admissions reviewers are looking for.  Here is what the admissions committee will ask:

  1. Can you produce publishable quality writing?  Do you have the English language writing skills to produce a thesis?
  2. Is your thesis topic an original contribution to the area of law? Is the topic specific enough to be original, but not too narrow that you won’t be able to write a complete thesis (~200 pages) on the issue?
  3. Does your thesis proposal demonstrate that you are serious about your topic?  Have you done some preliminary research to ensure that enough available sources exist to fully research this topic?
  4. Can your topic be matched with an available supervisor at the law school?
  5. Have you put in enough time and effort on your application to be successful in a self-paced program?

We can assist with your application to make sure the answers to all these questions are YES! Contact us today!