High School & College Students

There are pressures on high school and college students like never before and a cacophony of advice coming from all directions.

The advice used to be easy.  Go to the best college you can and get good grades.  The rest will take care of itself.  No more.  Now, many jobs that used to be secure aren’t and many jobs that today’s high schoolers will end up having don’t even exist yet.  This is where we come in.

We help high school and college students to formulate their goals, evaluate their skills, and develop a career path.  We stay with them as goals change and work one-on-one  to guide them to achieve success.

A small sample of how we can help:

  • Identifying and applying to jobs and internships that will develop skills and fuel passions
  • Choosing a college or graduate school program that fits your career goals
  • Finding and evaluating college alternatives
  • Help with deciding on a major or course of study
  • Developing career search skills, including professional communication and networking
  • Training on the professional use of social networks
  • Assisting with introductions to our professional network across a wide range of career fields

About Us

Neil Sirota attended Cornell University and Columbia Law School.  After 10 years as a corporate attorney and headhunter, Neil spent over two years working with grassroots development organizations in Southeast Asia.  As a career counselor, Neil has worked with hundreds of students across a wide range of backgrounds and is passionate about guiding them through along the path to career success.

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