How we can help you

We offer a wide range of advising services for every stage of your educational or career journey, from applications through career transitions.  Please contact us with any questions!

International Law Students

  Are you considering attending law school in the United States?  Are you an international student already studying in the United States? You’re making an enormous commitment of time and resources. We want to help make sure your investment pays off! Why do you need an advisor? Put simply, most law schools do not have … Continue reading International Law Students

Law Students

We will get you the career you want Whether you are killing it at a T14, at the bottom of the class at an unranked school, or anywhere in between, we can help! Success in law school is about so much more than grades. Except for a small sliver of jobs, grades can actually be … Continue reading Law Students

Career Start/Career Change

Need a new first job?  A new job? Looking for a career change?  Are you convinced that your skills and interests don’t match your current job?  Not sure where to start?  We can help! We’ve been there ourselves, making career changes among law firms, to corporations, non-profits, and educational institutions. We have worked with individuals … Continue reading Career Start/Career Change

High School & College Students

There are pressures on high school and college students like never before and a cacophony of advice coming from all directions. The advice used to be easy.  Go to the best college you can and get good grades.  The rest will take care of itself.  No more.  Now, many jobs that used to be secure aren’t … Continue reading High School & College Students