International Law Students


5 Keys to LLM SuccessAre you considering attending law school in the United States?  Are you an international student already studying in the United States? You’re making an enormous commitment of time and resources. We want to help make sure your investment pays off!

Why do you need an advisor?

Put simply, most law schools do not have the resources to support the specialized needs of international students.  Especially for those of you earning an LLM, time is incredibly short. Whether its choosing a program of study, succeeding academically, or finding an internship or job, we work directly for you, not for any institution.

SJDHow do we work with you?

As with all clients, we start with your goals.   Is your degree mostly about academic study?  Hands on experience at an American firm?  Putting yourself in the best position to obtain employment upon returning to your home country?  This discussion about goals will determine a course of action.  Especially for those in an LLM program, time is of the essence.  We provide intense, focused, personalize assistance to ensure you are prepared for every step in your journey.

We believe in a holistic approach to advising you.  Our team includes admissions, academic, bar exam, student services and career experts who all collaborate to deliver services tailored specifically to your needs.  We have experience working with law students from all over the globe.

Selection of Available Services

Program and course selection

  • Choosing the best program (JD/LLM/SJD) to achieve your goals
  • Admissions and scholarship negotiation advising
  • Course selection advice, including how to best utilize your schools’ academic advisors

Pre-program training: “How to succeed in law school”

Cultural integration

  • How to manage the transition to living in the United States: find housing, banking, and other basics
  • How to meet and integrate with domestic students
  • How to best take advantage of your time in the United States — things to see and do to enhance your academic experience

Academic support

  • Legal English training
  • General study advice
  • Substantive academic tutoring
  • Writing support
  • Bar exam preparation tailored to international students

Career advising

  • How best to take advantage of your school’s resources
  • How to best utilize OPT and CPT
  • How to engage in US-style networking
  • Access to our nationwide network of professionals
  • Resume/cover letter assistance
  • How to find internships and jobs that are most likely to hire you
  • Advocating on your behalf to potential employers

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