About Us

We provide a full range of services focused on determining and fulfilling your goals, even as those goals change and evolve over time.  Because we work directly with individuals, and not for institutions, we are able to provide services and give advice that is wholly aligned with the interests of our clients.

We bring a unique set of domestic and international experiences, both academic and professional.  We have and advised students and and mid-career professionals from around the globe and we look forward to helping you find success with your academic program, internship, job, or career path.

Why “Inflection Life?”

Every day we are faced with inflection points that can change the direction of or lives.  Choices we make can set a path in motion or open or close or door.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize the magnitude of these choices at the time they present themselves. We serve as advisors to our clients through some of the most crucial of these inflection points, related to education and career, and make sure that you keep yourself pointed toward your goal.