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Our team of career and academic advisors provides personalized service to ensure you are ideally positioned to achieve your goals. Not sure what your goals are yet? We work with you to help formulate them and then stay in your corner through all the twists and turns until they are achieved.  We provide quick response and turnaround time throughout your engagement with us.  No pre-recorded videos or boiler-plate surveys to fill out.  Because everyone’s journey is unique, we believe in providing completely customized service to every one of our clients.

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Despite seemingly insurmountable road blocks, Neil’s steady guidance helped me become a New York antitrust attorney.  I relied on him to assist with countless drafts of resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Neil also advised me on the do’s and dont’s of summer internships and the critical first few weeks at a new job. Finally, I knew I could trust his opinion when it came time to make a lateral move and I had to decide whether the offer was right for me. Thank you, Neil, for always being there to provide the extra push I needed to succeed.

Aaron S., JD Class of 2014

Securing your first job right out of law school is a daunting task to say the least.  From initial contact with a firm to securing an interview, from creating a resume and cover letter to negotiating a salary and benefits Neil was there every step of the way.  His encouragement and perseverance in helping me obtain my dream position was unyielding and it is because of his guidance that I obtained my dream job within two weeks of passing the bar.  Thank you Neil for your guidance and unwavering support, with you in my corner failure was not a possibility.

Misti Howey, JD Class of 2017